Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Online portrait course in acrylics by Chantel Lynn Barber

My first assignment for Chantel Lynn Barber's online course.

A huge learning experience. Very happy and excited for the privilege to do the course.
Chantel gives valuable comments and critique. 

A first in acrylics for me.
Think I started off too dark?
No drawing. Attention on shapes and colour. This is a colour study.

Thanks Chantel for your comments and critique. Think I must do another study after a few days. Hopefully it is better than this one.

"Acrylic does dry darker and it is easy to start off too dark. I find that beginning with the middle values and then working in to the dark and light value makes it much easier to keep the darks from getting too dark. 
You have lovely colors in her lips and pretty blue tones in her hair. Nice job! 
The warm darks are missing in her hair, which would create a wonderful contrast with the blues in her hair. 
She does have orange tones in her face, and you have captured those, but you are missing the warm pinks that soften all the orange tones. It is a lot to think about, but the good news is it gets easier with practice :)"

I love Chantel's work, specially the mosaic effect she so beautifully conveys in her paintings.

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