Sunday, March 27, 2011

the dying of a season

Early autumn falling leave-hearts
clinging, falling, crumbling . . .
to be re-invigorated
in spring . . .

Sunday, March 20, 2011

our favourite yoghurt

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We recently bought this yoghurt and really enjoy the rich creamy taste.

Every time we read the script on the bucket our hearts warm towards the cows roaming the green grass veld : (I think we envy them their luxury living)

Why our cows are happy healthy "faircape free range" cows?
* they live in super comfort in spacious surroundings
* they can choose between basking in the sun of lazing in the shade
* they eat only natural feeds with no animal by-products
* no artificial hormones added
* the receive daily health check-ups and medical care is always available
* at fair cape we're serious about keeping the environment in tip top shape

By this I do not intend to render my services for the advertising of Fair Cape's finished product's - only to admire their cows' leisurely country life . . .

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Turning of the season

Originally March was the first month of the year for the Romans.

We are well away in the third month - the year literally marching on . . .
We enjoy the most delicious fruit in the season
Mangos, peaches, grapes . . . even the local cultivar from own home-grown vine on the pergola

We had a spree of hot waves for two / three weeks
Everyone finding the most confortable coolest place to lie down and chill

And last night a fresh cool breez at last . . .
Today we feel the season is changing . . .
Autumn is on its way . . .
Wooly knits / crochet items are taken out of the cupboards . . .
Winter wear is being aired out . . .

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