Saturday, August 14, 2010

sliced orange and girl . . .

The doctor's room closes at 18:00 on a Friday afternoon.

Just before closing time Lize and I stumble in. Lize needs some stiches. She loves oranges and eats it in two ways. (1) She squeezes and rolls the orange without breaking the peel until it is softend. She cuts a hole in the top and sucks out the juice, whereafter she breaks open the peel to eat the flesh or (2) she cuts it in half, drink the juice and eats the flesh. She never peels it.

This was one of those times that she did cut the orange into halves, but . . . the knive slipped and her middle finger was in the way. She pierced her skin and sliced it nearly to the bone beneath the web.

Luckily nothing worse . . . only three stitches and a few tears later we're home and on our way to dinner at one of our neighbours.

One of my first paintings a few years ago - oil on stretched canvass (framed). I never was quite happy with it and gave attention to the colour and shading this afternoon and are now more fond of my oranges - one of which are neatly sliced.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

winter haven for pampered feet

french press knits slippers attempted

pattern . . .
yarn and needles . . .
time . . .
and feet to wear them . . .
. . . a present to a friend . . .

never felted before, but now a fascination

see above, the red ones, my first try
felted by hand
maybe the felting process was a bit short - see the toes

But look at the next pair
much better
recon I have the hang of it now

this is smaller - will fit a childs feet (size 1 - 2)
the colour is called Africa
the yarn is Elle Merino Solids

why not . . . a give-away?
anyone interested?
just leave a comment
and I will pick the lucky feet . . .

Thursday, August 5, 2010

florigraphy - the language of flowers

A gift of a single rose, most of us know, is a message of love.

But how many know that the ivy stands for fidelity, the peony for bashfulness, the orange blossom for such a giddy turn of phrase as "your purity equals your loveliness," and that the peach blossom proclaims "I am your captive"?

(The Illuminated Language of Flowers, text by Jean Marsh and illustrations by Kate Greenaway)

Can you guess what message a bouquet of poppies conveys . . . ?

Or what about arms full of pure calla lillies growing wild in the valleys around us?