Sunday, May 30, 2010

pure pleasure cape

I am thrilled with the outcome of this knitting . . .
To photograph the model was pure pleasure . . .

I ordered Knit, issue 7 from Jo Sharp about two months ago. This is my second project from the publication.

Note that I did not follow the pattern throughout - I crocheted a scallop edge around the front and neck to finish it off. I thought it would be more suitable for a 11 year old. I also knitted it slightly longer.

Unfortunately I cannot afford the prescribed yarn (it is not available here) and had to compromise. The yarn I used is Elle Tweed Aran, colour Mulberry, Sublime kid mohair, shade 024 and a very thin handspun cotton (which I bought about 7 years ago) of which I used two strands together.

This is quite satisfying to view my pleasurable hand work on such a colourful sun drenched late autumn day with a nip in the air.


Desiree Malan said...

Christina, you are amazing - how do you manage to paint, knit, work, mother, etc all in one day? I love your knitting but your beautiful pictures are stealing the show - you are blessed with lots of talent.

Anneke Stroebel said...

Hi friend!! Loving the knits, loving the model!!
Very very beautiful!
This week is colour - Pink!!
Can't wait to see what you place!!

Anneke Stroebel said...

Pink knits!!!