Sunday, April 11, 2010

sunday painter

There are so many things I want to do, but as always, time acts like the wind - presently here and then gone. Therefore I am a week-day worker, a Sunday painter and try to be a full-time creator, even in the kitchen - although I am not the best of cooks.

From our bedroom window we have a view on a hibiscus tree, which also acts as a curtain that screens our cozy coven from the outside. The flowers are extremely pale pink (more a whitish colour) with a dark pink/red centre - although I'm not sure, I think it is named "apple blossom". Daily, during the summer, we watch the hummingbirds enjoy the flowers' nectar-diet. This little painting was inspired by that hibiscus tree - but I needed to add some colour, and this is the end result.

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Anneke Stroebel said...

Hi Christina, ek wens ek was so fluks soos jy, soos jy se tyd is altyd 'n faktor, en ek wens so ek kon meer he om al die dinge waarvan ek hou te doen.
jou hibiscus is pragtig! ek hoop jy het al iets vir die Mei uitstalling!