Monday, April 26, 2010

long weekend and school projects

Our school going children have a long weekend with Freedom day on Tuesday. Lize is one of the productive ones who has some projects to do.

She has to make a globe with paper mache and position the different continents on it specifying the north and south pole, as well as the equator.

When she started the neighbour's girl in grade 7 (Lize is grade 6) decided to join in and also create a globe. It seemed like fun, but alass she did not finish hers . . .

Lize's globe is done and the earth is turning on a string. Just here and there a little correction is needed . . .

The second project was Lize's own choice . . . as she said - if she does it now, she can relax and enjoy the oral by her class mates on different topics.

Lize chose to talk about the flora of the desert and how it survive in dry land. It is certainly not a dry topic. She scavenged through our garden and nursery to find specimens of plants that are able to survive on dry land.
Roald Dahl's story is not part of the subject, but just to add colour to the desert objects . . .

A cactus, as a specimen . . .

She created a poster with the help of keywords and pictures to delineate the subject.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

sunday painter

There are so many things I want to do, but as always, time acts like the wind - presently here and then gone. Therefore I am a week-day worker, a Sunday painter and try to be a full-time creator, even in the kitchen - although I am not the best of cooks.

From our bedroom window we have a view on a hibiscus tree, which also acts as a curtain that screens our cozy coven from the outside. The flowers are extremely pale pink (more a whitish colour) with a dark pink/red centre - although I'm not sure, I think it is named "apple blossom". Daily, during the summer, we watch the hummingbirds enjoy the flowers' nectar-diet. This little painting was inspired by that hibiscus tree - but I needed to add some colour, and this is the end result.