Sunday, January 3, 2010

new year and new doings . . .

A very peaceful and joyous 2010 to you all .

I ended 2009 by doing some sewing for sister in law. She wanted a caftan type dress. I volunteered to make something. Using a pattern from the Japanese book Happy Homemade vol 1 as basis I made a small alteration in the front to suit her taste. But otherwise I followed the pictures and this is what came to light.

I started the new year playing around with
water colours. I am not customed to water colours seeing that I normally use oils.

This is done after a picture I saw in a magazine and wanted to try with water colours. If I remember correctly, the picture was by Marina Louw?

The following blue bottle of an unusual shape attracted my attention one evening at a meeting of the Drakenstein Art Society. I wanted to remember it and this is the outcome :

(Acrylic paints, charcoal and oil pastels on paper)

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Kikke said...

Hi Christina!!
Soos versoek!! Ek geniet jou blog vreeslik, veral al die goed wat jy hekel /brei ens.
very interesting!!!

miskien een van die dae begin ek my eie blog!!!