Sunday, January 24, 2010

my own space . . .

at last I have my own little space - quite tiny, but nevertheless mine -

After an art class by Dalene Buckle which I attended, I asked Lize to do the following :

distorted face 1, done by Lize
distorted face 2, done by Lize
She did it by looking into an aluminium mug from different angles. It is based on the mirrors one find at carnivals or circusses, when you stand in front of it your image is distorted -corpulent, shrinked, elongated, shortened, out of size . . .


Kikke said...

nice!!! jou eie plekkie !!!
dit lyk heel cosy, en lize se distorted faces lyk baie nice

ek sien jou donderdag by die Breytenbach sentrum!!!
dalk doen ek sommer 'n distorted face vir Feb!!!
ha ha ha

Alby Mangroves said...

Hi there lovely lady! Thanks for your thoughtful email last week, I admit that my head has not been in the right space lately and I had a little break from blogging. I keep meaning to thank you for checking in with me, I do appreciate it! I lurk on yours too sometimes to see what you are up to! Keeping busy, as always x Thanks again x