Monday, November 2, 2009

sewing weekend . . .

The first weekend in a long long time I spent time just sewing, preparing some easy meals and sewing again.

Trousers for myself in white linen - easy sewing, it fits nicely, wears comfortably.

A apron splattered top to wear with the trousers, but unfortunately not my style. It does not suit my frame - to bulky (the top!). I would need something more tailored, I presume.

A nearby shot of the print Lize assisted me to stencil the splatters on the fabric. I thought it would look better on me, but oh no, not quite - the style seems to remain the main problem.

And lastly Lize liked this fabric. I made a flair skirt to reach just above the ankles, but she wanted it shortened. She prefers it above the knee to wear with her ballet leotard. A very happy colour coded girl . . .

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