Saturday, October 3, 2009

. . . joy and sorrow . . .

Joy and sorrow . . .
. . . are inseparable . . .
together they come and when
one sits alone with you . . .
remember that the other is
asleep upon your bed . . . - (author unknown) -

Father in law passed away on 26 September. He was a healthy 94 years, going on 95 on 10 October. He lived with us for 10 years. And now we experience a lingering emptiness in our hearts and in our home that never could be filled it seems.

He was very fond of a particular poem that Goethe wrote early in his life and revisited when he was an old man (roughly translated in English, it reads alongside) :
Ein gleiches -- The same old story
Über allen Gipfeln -- Over each mountain top
ist Ruh, -- a calm ranges,
in allen Wipfeln -- over every treetop
spürest du -- one is merely aware
kaum einen Hauch; -- of a breath of wind;
die Vögelein schweigen im Walde. -- in the wood the birds fall silent.
Warte nur, balde -- Just you wait, soon
ruhest du auch -- you too will come to rest

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