Sunday, June 28, 2009

serene sunny sundays . . .

are for being together with family . . .

be with yourself . . . lost in thought, knit, listen to your child(ren) play and laugh, listen to the sounds of the neighbourhood, birds . . . and other animals . . .

and meditating on autum and winter.
The leafless tree reminds one that winter's eventually passing.

Our weeping mulberry tree adorned with its green cloak merely a month ago; now a sceletal figure welcomes patches of winter sunlight with swaying naked branches holding onto hope of summer to come.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

welcome sunshine

After a week of rain and wind and snow caps on the highest mountain tops, we had the most lovely sunshine day. One just have the feeling of vibrance and energy in the bones and the urge to be outside, not wanting the day to pass.

I took Lize to feed the animals at our local farm stall cum nursery. Father in law and I walked through the nursery, enjoying the freshness after the rain. I bought a few plants for our garden while Claude watched the rugby at home without disturbance.

Monday, June 15, 2009

school project

What a long weekend, what a long day of collecting data for Lize's school project on her home town, Wellington. The morning started with a town spree to interview "innocent" bystander-targets. The gist of the questioning was how locals experience their home town. Lize with her fast assembled questionare was accompanied by mom with her delicately assembled digital camera. Five unsuspecting locals were "accosted" and five photographs were taken for Lize's mini journal on the ways and whereabouts of Wellington. In our journey scrounging around town, we visited the library, arts and culture centre (Breytenbach centre) and the tourism buro. Unfortunately the museum was closed.

We spend the rest of the afternoon organizing the collected data into a blue print for a journal befitting a grade five learner's school project.

Friday, June 12, 2009

a string of wool and violin . . .

I knit this triangle neck warmer / scarf while waiting for Lize at the ballet classes. It is done in gartner stitch. The yarn is Elle Elite - 50% wool and 50% cotton. I'm genuinely fascinated by its practical decorative use. It looks cozy and fits neatly underneath your state of the art winter jacket. Claude took the photo and nearly decapitated me.

Everyday I drive to and fro from the office in Paarl and this is what keeps me company and sooth my emotions, especially when I'm running late in the rat race. With our little rodent, Lize, not exactly being Speedy Conzalis, some motherly stress is incurred on the way between school and office - after dropping off our learner-dreamer semi-late for school for the umpteenth time.