Sunday, May 24, 2009

please meet . . .

our Labrador, Jessie. She is seven years old. When she was younger she slept outside, now (these last twelve months) she decided it's about time for her to sleep inside. Seeing that it's quiet colder this late fall, the soft chair seems the most comfortable and warm spot for a good nights rest in k9-heaven. One has to understand the problem of scale - the full sized labrador on your run of the mill sitting room chair. She does'nt lie her down to sleep but creeps up the chair in several dog-limb installments. Our camera caught Jessie just awaking from a well earned beauty sleep.

Softly dozing away, with no care in the world - actually turning her backside on life's hard reality.

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Alby Mangroves said...

We have two dogs, and both of them would fit under your dog without being detected, however, somehow, there never seems to be enough room for them on the lounge either, the little buggers are always pushing us off the couch.