Sunday, May 31, 2009

winter wonder lounge

We saluted the first winter cold (and rain and icing on the nearest mountain peaks) with crackling flames in the hearth. While the warmth of the fire spread through our home, everybody flocks to the cosy lounge - including our extended family. Ready to greet you with an extended paw is Asjas, youngest of our pets with family status, luxuring in our indoors winter wonder lounge.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

unusual visitor

We had an unusual visitor last night that caused quite an excitement. A little frog dr(hopped) in unexpectedly - how this little fellow came into the bathroom is anyone's guess. At last Lize caught the little critter, accompanied by her girlish screetches and set him free in the furtherst part of the garden where the cats could not drop in for a froggie-meal (or rather ordeal).

Sunday, May 24, 2009

please meet . . .

our Labrador, Jessie. She is seven years old. When she was younger she slept outside, now (these last twelve months) she decided it's about time for her to sleep inside. Seeing that it's quiet colder this late fall, the soft chair seems the most comfortable and warm spot for a good nights rest in k9-heaven. One has to understand the problem of scale - the full sized labrador on your run of the mill sitting room chair. She does'nt lie her down to sleep but creeps up the chair in several dog-limb installments. Our camera caught Jessie just awaking from a well earned beauty sleep.

Softly dozing away, with no care in the world - actually turning her backside on life's hard reality.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

bedsocks and lemons

We have a lemon tree and every autumn the tree provides us with lemons for cooking, syrup and a remedy for flu throughout winter. A lemon tree is a multi-purpose asset to any household and gives a certain tinge of late autumn to a garden.

I knitted the bedsocks for Lize to keep her feet warm this winter, but after the gift of flowers from the cleaning lady at school we decided to give it to her. She was warmly pleased.  

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's day surprises . . .

Friday when I picked up Lize after school she surprised me with this tiny bunch of flowers. Where did she get the flowers when she's in school, I asked? The school has a meeting every Friday and afterwards she asked the cleaning lady what becomes of the flowers. Well, the cleaning lady gave it to Lize for a "Mother's day present beforehand".

And on Saturday Lize spend her pocket money of R 18-00 (she gets R 20-00 per month) to buy her mother a small present and she gave me this handmade card :

A happy Mother's Day to all mothers and mothers to be!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

weekend doings . . .

In 1991 I bought a book by Alma Schwabe : Geskenke vir die huis. The pattern for this long leg doll in the book tickled me. Friday afternoon I decided to make the doll from scraps of fabric I have. And this is the outcome. 

She keeps the cold from creeping inside.

She's wondering where everybody is, leaving her all to herself.

I like the look on her face and the torn fabric hair. Well, it took the whole Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon and evening to make her. I am happy with her - my first handmade doll. 

This was a weekend well spend - I also finished off this little painting.