Saturday, April 11, 2009

a time to knit and a time to paint and a time to . . .

There is so many things I want to do - knit, paint, sew, read, gardening, go for a walk . . . But always first things first : house cleaning, washing, cooking, homework . . . (I hate making beds).

At last I have finished the Libby, pattern from "a friend to knit with". I still have a lot to learn about knitting but slowly I'm getting there. 
And we had a search for big buttons, at first we could not find buttons here or in Paarl. At last we found these buttons in a tiny hide-away shop here in Wellington.

I love the swing in this cardigan, maybe a bit to big for Lize but she says she loves it, specially the colour and the roominess, and the long sleeves - it covers her hands. Her slender body looks good in this style.

And now to the paint brushes . . .

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