Thursday, January 22, 2009

decadent strawberries

Freddy Faroff was a little boy, head in the clouds, quite a dreamer - most often unawares of his surroundings. The fairy king wanted to teach Freddy to be more attentive of his immediate vicinity. Therefore the fairy king send Freddy on an arduous journey. He gave Freddy a leaf of the Lily of the Valley flower. This was a magical leaf that could enable Freddy to fly or sail or travel any which way. Freddy had to find the answer to this intriguing riddle :

Red outside and white within,
golden spots upon my skin;
sharp sometimes but often sweet -
you must travel till we meet ...

The answer was nowhere to be found. Freddy's travels eventually led him to Mars. There he visited a green grocer's market and found the most exquisite fruit. And then it dawned on him : the answer to the riddle! He discovered that one need not have to search Mars for something that grows in your own back garden.

Oil on board. 230 x 300 mm (23 x 30 cm)

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